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Guns and Arms Part 3 is the third and final part of Guns and Arms, succeeding Guns and Arms Part 2 and preceding Too Much Tearjerkers. It was uploaded on October 23, 2021.


The episode starts off with Titan telling someone about the fright fest, and quickly transforms into a flashback where Uranus is talking to his dad Aether about it. Then later on, Titan shows the entire Solar System the truth about Theia and Hermes’s deaths by looking at Earth's recording. When the reasons have been revealed, everyone, especially Solar and Venus, were infuriated by this. Venus then asks Mars for some weapons to stop them, while Theia is all pumped up and ready to go. However, she then realizes that Earth and Luna are nowhere to be found.

Theia then discovers a journal titled “The Battle Log”, and reads it out loud. When she realizes that it was Earth’s, and is going to fight the hell planets, she immediately rushes back to tell the Solar System about it. Venus doesn’t believe that Earth would do something like this, but Aether says that she needs help. Mars and Pluto’s weapons were stolen, and they assumed that the four hell planets stole them, and Earth is probably at a weapon store. Uranus and Aether then split up to find Earth.

Just then the four hell planets show up, and all the planets assembled with their weapons, while Uranus and Aether are still in the weapon stores to look for Earth. Unfortunately, even with all their strength combined, they soon realize that even the Jovians were no match for them. Midrid, Joolria, and Hydria are still in the theatre watching a movie. Behind Solar, Earth is all prepared ready to start a fight. When she shows herself to the hell planets, they soon confront her about being a weakling. What happened after however, shocked everyone including the hell planets. It is revealed that Earth is the one that had Mars’s and Pluto’s weapons all along, meaning that she must’ve snuck into Mars’s closet and opened Pluto’s chest.

Earth is then about to fire, but Mars and Sucellus stop her, saying that it’s not worth it to be using those weapons at a time like this. Earth eventually calmed down, but the hell planets took this as an opportunity to strike. This then causes Earth to accidentally fire the Red Dread, and shoots Neptune in the process. Neptune then groans and cries out in pain, causing all the planets to stare in shock. Earth realizes what she had done, and immediately regrets her actions. Uranus then tells someone to “call 911”, while Sucellus saves the hammer. Earth then had enough, and starts to go on a full on rampage, by using every single weapon on the hell planets. Just then, all of the weapons combined into one, gigantic sword called the Sword of the Multiverse. By using this, Earth killed Planet X, Counter-Earth, Counter-Luna, CoRoT-7b, and K2-141b in just one slash, the battle was finally over.

While Earth did win the battle and saved everyone in the Solar System, all of the planets (except Theia) yelled at her for doing something so reckless. It was then revealed that she got the idea from her inhabitants. Just then, Hippocamp gets a phone call from the hospital, and is relieved that Neptune has made a full recovery and will return to the Solar System. When Neptune finally returns, Hippocamp, Proteus, and New Triton all run up to her. Earth apologizes to Neptune about the accident, but Neptune ends up apologizing to Earth as well, saying that she deserved to be shot when she didn’t know the frying pan incident was a misunderstanding. However, Earth is then back to her sweet and cheerful self again, and now everyone is happy.

Earth and her friends then saw two planets bullying another planet named Gildrin, then they hi five each other and run away. Titan then helps Gildrin pick up his belongings using her powers, and puts them all back in his backpack. Mars then gives everyone a lesson about how Counter-Earth had managed to upgrade her frying pan. In the epilogue, TrES-2b is then calling CoRoT-7b, but the call doesn’t reach. He then gets furious, then Krypton’s ghost laughs at the bullies for deserving their deaths after bullying his sister. The hell planets then try to get revenge on him, but Hermes quickly steps in and saying that she’s strong, which shocked them. Finally, Titan then gives a lesson about how Earth’s inhabitants had caused her to use Mars and Pluto’s weapons, and finally ends the episode off with Titan saying that people should not be doing this at home, or anywhere in the world.

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  • This episode has surpassed Earth's Frozen Fear for the Future as the longest episode in the series, being a whopping 1 hour and 6 minutes long.
  • This is the first and the only episode in which both old and new Triton appeared.