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News[edit | edit source]

Latest Episode: Kepler 70b and Kelt 9b

Object Cosmos is on hiatus. ~Circle dude236, March 2021

Updates[edit | edit source]

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2016 Events[edit | edit source]

Circle dude236's channel is made.

2017 Events[edit | edit source]

10/19/2017: Circle dude236 starts his YouTube business

2018 Events[edit | edit source]

1/1/2018: 2018 Year Starts, and Circle dude236 is now on its 1st full year

1/7/2018: Circle dude236's intro intesifies

8/30/2018: Circle dude236's 1st reaction video

11/2/2018: Object Break's initial release

2019 Events[edit | edit source]

10/3/2019: Object Cosmos' initial release

12/30/2019: Object Cosmos' 3rd and most popular episode releases

2020 Events[edit | edit source]

1/1/2020: 1st leap year of Object Cosmos

3/23/2020: Part 2 of "Saturn has the Most Moons Again" releases

5/13/2020: Haumea’s Egg Idea Part 2; Makemake releases

8/1/2020: Part 2 of "Venus and Love" releases

9/6/2020: Theia's Back! comes out, so the 3rd was before the 2nd episode

9/13/2020: Object Cosmos' name reveals

10/3/2020: Object Cosmos' 1st birthday!

10/13/2020: Official wiki releases

10/14/2020: 1st page of wiki releases

10/16/2020: 1st recommended character proposes on wiki

12/5/2020: Neptune’s Bitter Enemy releases.

12/21/2020: Object Cosmos' Episode Jupiter and Juno Align releases.

2021 Events[edit | edit source]

2/13/2021: Latest episode, Kepler 70b and Kelt 9b releases

2/15/2021: Frozen winter day of Object Break

2/20/2021: 1st wiki vandalize the wiki & Luna’s Q&A releases

2/27/2021: Charon’s Q&A releases

2/28/2021: Circle Dude236 reaches 10K subscribers

3/1/2021: Object Cosmos’ starts hiatus due to Circle Dude236 in the need of doing other stuff other than Object Cosmos

3/5/2021: 1st Wiki War occurs here, with Farouts as the other side of the war

3/6/2021: Object Break’s comeback & Solar’s Q&A releases

3/8/2021: Object Starbound's initial release (Release date of 1st episode’s remain unknown)

3/13/2021: Mercury’s Q&A releases

3/20/2021: VenusQ&A releases

3/27/2021: Earth’s Q&A releases

3/30/2021: 1st protection adds on the wiki

3/31/2021: Juno’s Q&A releases

4/9/2021: Theia’s Q&A releases

4/18/2021: MarsQ&A releases

4/24/2021: CeresQ&A planned release date

Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. Do not vandalize. This happened so many times that the pages need to be protected, sadly they can't.
  2. Do not curse on other users. If you curse with less profanity or just at necessary and rare occasions, that's still okay.
  3. Do not add unrelated stuff, such as Animaniacs or DuckTales or any other weird stuff unnecessary, or fan-made articles (excluding recommended characters and episodes).
  4. Do not spam.
  5. Treat people with as much civility as you can.
  6. Do not delete recommended characters and episodes, unless they are just there for vandalism. It's still not fair to the people who just want to share their ideas and be creative. It's sad to see people have their ideas thrown away for no good reason.
  7. Contributing or starting an edit war may result in a block.
  8. Do not put false info on pages for no apparent reason.
  9. Do not put hating pages or any pages talking about users. since you can just look at their pages and look at it.
  10. Lets face it. This FANDOM wiki has no protection. Too many people are causing troubles on this wiki, and the wiki is legitly vandalized.

If you break any of those rules...

  • You'll be warned if you did it at seldom occasions.
  • You'll be blocked temporarily if you did it at a fair amount of occasions.
  • You'll be blocked forever if you did it at a huge amount of occasions.

Warnings[edit | edit source]

Vandalism History[edit | edit source]

  • Dillshaner took over the wiki! (2/20/2021)
  • FAROUT FAROUT took over the wiki! (3/5/2021)
  • Gggggb tr b took over the wiki! (3/20/2021)
  • Pongspongs took over the wiki! (12/15/2020)
  • Dillshaner retook the wiki! (3/26/2021)
  • Dillshaner commits suicide! (3/27/2021)
  • Dillshaner's son is the new ruler! (3/27/2021)
  • Start of Object Cosmian Civll war (3/28/2021)
  • End of Object Cosmian Civll war (4/1/2021)
  • New Dillshaner took the wiki! (4/10/2021)
  • BareFacedTrog took over the wiki! (4/14/2021)
  • BareFacedTrog retook the wiki! (4/15/2021)
  • Dillshaner retook the wiki! (4/15/2021)

Vandalism[edit | edit source]

  • Please, stop vandalizing this wiki, it's not allowed. If you vandalize a little minor part, you will still get a warning. The more you vandalize, the longer you’ll be banned. If the number is way too high to even get into, you will be banned for a insanely long time or even permanently banned, forever.
  • If you witness someone vandalizing, don't just sit there: Do something and try to stop the person from succeeding so.

Curse Words[edit | edit source]

Some articles may contain curse words and is not appropriate for kids. Read those articles at your own risk.

False Information[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, there could be information that is false, meaning that it is not really what it is. Read those articles at your own risk.

Stubs[edit | edit source]

Stubs are articles that have less information than other "non-stub" pages. You can help the wiki by expanding them, just make sure it's true, or else your changes will be immediately removed. Also, avoid putting random, unrelated things on the page that are unnecessary, or else it will be viewed as vandalism.

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